Vax U90-MA-R Review

Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Multicyclonic Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

For a stirling British hoover, Vax have worked hard to make this a lightweight and powerful model at half the price of a Dyson. The Vax weighs only 5kg and comes in transparent elegant design. If you are elderly or have a bad back or simply want to take the weight out of hoovering ,this is a great little hoover for you. The Vax Air Reach has a telescopic handle which can be adjusted to 8 height settings so definately no aching backs with this one.

The Vax Air Reach uses multicyclonic technology for a thorough powerful clean. The dust is sucked through multiple cyclones meaning your filters dont get clogged and there is no loss of suction as you clean. You will find the suction power is as good or better than a Dyson, although one customer commented that it is not so good on hard floors. Switch the brush bar on and off for carpets and hard floors.

The Vax is easy to clean, unclip the brush bar to clean. Its easy to empty too, unclip the canister and press to empty over the dutbin. This Vax has an LED indicator to alert you to any blockages which will save on expensive repair bills as you can unblock it yourself before any damage occurs. The Vax Air Reach has a HEPA filter 12 which is antibacterial taking out odours and it also takes the smallest particles out of the atmosphere such as pollen which is great news for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

The Vax Air Reach has a 3 in 1 tool for crevice, dusting and upholestry cleaning, this is stored on the cleaner for safe keeping. This Vax is also great for picking up pet hair the turbo brush does a great job beating out stubborn pet hair from your carpets. The Vax air Reach has extra long reach with a hose over 4 metres long which means it will reach the top of a flight of stairs with the machine stood solidly at the bottom. It is also possible to vacuum your car with the vax plugged in the hallway. This vax has a super long cord which means you can hoover the whole floor without unplugging.

The Vax Air Reach comes with a 6 year manufacturers warranty so you can expect a long life from this machine and at a remarkably inexpensive price. Looking for a light weight upright with extra long reach? This is the hoover for you, with the HEPA antibacterial filter and fantastic suction power makes it too good to miss.

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