Shark Rocket HV320UKT Review

Shark Rocket HV320UKT
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  • Shark Rocket HV320UKT
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  • Last modified: July 16, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Shark Rocket Light True Pet is a convenient cleaning tool for homes with pets. As a stick vacuum, it is lightweight and easy to handle, but the machine does not compromise on the cleaning performance. Along with that, it has a detachable handheld and it comes with a good set of tools for doing a number of home cleaning jobs. If you want a small vacuum that is quick and easy, while also being effective, this model offers an exceptional value.

For a stick vacuum that is good enough to tackle even the toughest messes, the Shark Rocket Light True Pet HV320UKT performs well. It is designed for versatility with a range of attachments and the ability to be used as a handheld, plus it is lightweight and easy to operate. Additionally, this handy stick vacuum is incredibly efficient with an energy rating of A.

The Shark Rocket Light provides some of the best cleaning that you will find in the stick vacuum category. Part of the reason is that it operates on a cord instead of using a battery, so it has better suction than most of the cordless models, but it also has a motorised brush that gets deep into the carpets. It does well on hard floors and it provides great results on carpets. If you are a pet owner, you will also be impressed by how well this model picks up pet hair.

While this is a great vacuum, it is geared more toward the quick cleaning jobs and it is unlikely to replace your full-sized model. It is not that it does not have the power to compete with the bigger machines, but it only has a capacity of 1 litre, so cleaning an entire home will usually mean having to empty the machine at least once before you finish the task. However, it is great at the quick jobs and the design is very convenient for this purpose.

The HV320UKT from Shark is lightweight and easy to handle. If you need to carry it from one place to the next, there should be no issue with the weight. It has a highly manoeuvrable head that makes it nice and easy for getting around objects and the low profile head makes it easy for getting under furniture. In addition to that, the top easily detaches to provide the user with a handheld cleaner. The detachable handheld is great for cleaning stairs, furniture or any other job that you may have above floor level.

This model from the Shark Rocket line comes with a nice set of attachments that make the machine extremely versatile. In the list of attachments, you have the crevice tool, the dusting brush, an upholstery tool, the hard floor dust away head and the True Pet motorised brush. With this set of tools, users can do a variety of different jobs and this vacuum performs well across the board.

This stick vacuum is also designed for convenience. It is a bagless model that is easy to empty, it has a long 8m cord for a large working radius and it converts from upright to handheld in a matter of seconds. The only real complaint that some might have is that it does not stand up on its own. It does come with a wall mount for storage, but if you need to stop when you are in the middle of cleaning, you are going to have to find something to lean it against.

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2-in-1 stick vacuum
Great cleaning on hard floors and carpets
Easy to detach handheld
Comes with an impressive selection of attachments
Lightweight and easy to handle
Long cord
Washable filter
Onboard tool storage
Great for homes with pets
Energy rating of A
5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Does not stand on its own, but it does come with a wall mount for storage

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