Samsung VC21F50HUDB Review

Samsung CycloneForce Pet VC21F50HUDB Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

The Samsung Cylinder vacuum is lightweight at 7.2kg and has all the advantages of a cylinder in that it is easy to use. Instead of pushing 7 to 9 kg of vacuum cleaner around , a short tug on the hose and the cylinder follows you. It has a long telescopic tube attached to the hose to save bending. This cylinder vacum is bagless and uses cyclonic technology which creates centrifugal force to suck up the dirt efficiently from your carpets. The dust cannister is easily emptied , just click to remove the cannister and twist the lid off to empty.

The Samsung cylinder vacuum has a powerful 2100 watt engine which means you are losing nothing with its compact size and is very efficient at cleaning your carpets. It is perfect for removing pet hair and comes with a turbo pet hair brush that has two rotating carpet beaters which pick up stubborn fur from the carpet leaving the carpet fresh and clean. If your pet is casting there can be a lot of pet hair that just won’t pick up with an ordinary cleaner. This vacuum comes with a turbo brush for the stairs which works as well as the main vacuum head but is perfect for the awkward space. It also has a hard floor tool, crevice tool a nd upholstery tool.

The samsung cylinder has a HEPA filter system meaning microbes as small as 3 microns are removed from the air so that dust mites and their faeces, skin cells and dust are vacuumed safely up leaving the air clear for athmatics and allergy sufferers. HEPA means High Energy Particulate Air. The telescopic handle fits to the back of the cylinder for easy storage. This vacuum is of good build quality, sturdy and will take a knock. It looks good, nice and modern.and glides round your house with ease.

The samsung cylinder vacuum has automatic cord retraction which saves time when putting the vacuum away. It has a 2 litre capacity dust cannister which may mean the cannister needs emptied more often, but since this is a simple operation it should not be too much of a problem. This samsung cylinder vacuum comes with a years manufacturers warranty. If you are looking for good build quality in a sturdy vacuum with great suction power which tackles pet hair, look no further.

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