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  • Russell Hobbs 17972 Tornado Stretch Bagless Upright
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  • Last modified: December 8, 2014
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Review Summary:

The Russel Hobbs Tornado vacuum is light weight and efficient. It weighs only 6kg or 12.12lb.

Therefore it is relatively easy to carry around your home,upstairs downstairs, in the hall in the lounge and all your carpeted rooms. The Russell Hobbs Tornado is also efficient on hard floors. It has quite a long cable, 1 mtre so is great for hoovering your stairs. This hoover comes with a crevice tool for the skirtings or stairs, an upholstery tool for vertical blinds and soft furniture, and a turbo tool for pet hair.

Customers said that they found the Russell Hobbs Tornado better than a Dyson at picking up casted dog hair and fluff. They said The Dyson left swathes in the carpet and the brush heads needed repeated cleaning in order to get the fluff up. Customers reported that this hoover made a great job of picking up pet fluff even close to the skirtings. Someone said they had two Alsation dogs which you must agree would leave an awful lot of pet fluff when thay are casting and said the Russell Hobbs Tornado was great at picking up the fur and fluff.

The Russell Hobbs Tornado is bagless meaning greater suction and is cleaner to use. The cannister empties easily with a click and once you are used to your hoover this will present no problem. This hoover boasts HEPA filtration. HEPA means ‘high efficiency particulate air’ which simply means that 97% of the particles in the air, mites, skin cells, dust anything which could cause allergies is sucked up buy the HEPA filter. Particles down to 3 microns in size are cleaned from he carpet and upholstery leaving an allergen free environment A micron is a tenth of a millimetre.

Nice clean carpets? and an agreeable price. Light weight, efficient and hard wearing. This is the new Tornado. if you have pets or allergies it could be the hoover for you. The Russell Hobbs vacuum comes with a 3 year warranty which you must register for when you receive the vacuum. It is small and light weight compared to other hoovers so needs emptying more often, because its light it might suit an elderly couple or anyone else who has problems lifting. A lighter hoover takes the strain out of the housework, particularly one of such high efficiency so is suitable for many types of household.

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