Robot Vacuum Cleaner XR Review

Robot Vacuum Cleaner XR Advanced Vacuum Cleaning Robot
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Review Summary:

If you are tired of vacuuming or have a very busy lifestyle, try the robot vacuum cleaner XR.

This robot will clean hard wood, laminate, tiles and carpet. However it is not suitable for thicker pile carpets as it is only 22cm off the floor. It features a UV lamp on the underside to kill bacteria so that your floors are hygienically clean.. The robot moves in 360° direction and can be programmed to hoover while you are out or asleep. it has simple clear touch controls on the body and charges automatically when the battery is low. The brushes effectively beat up dust and dirt and it can store 0.35 litres of dust before it needs emptying. It has intelligent and innovative Infra Red sensors which you can use to guide the robot and stop it straying into other rooms or falling downstairs.

Save yourself the trouble of hoovering and let this device do it for you, it will perform very efficiently on lightly soiled floors. The robot even has a mopping facility for the kitchen floor. It comes with a wall charger and the robot will intelligently find its way to the wall port when it needs charging. It is fairly quiet to run and has a larger and more powerful battery life than its predecessors. For every 70 minutes of vacuuming, it requires a 3 hour charge. This robot vacuum cleaner has innovative sensors that detect objects and stop it getting trapped so you can be confident you won’t find the robot stuck somewhere in the middle of its job. The wheels and brushes can be easily detached for cleaning, typically every few months. The robot uses 25 watts of power and sucks at 10-15 watts.

If you are tired of the boring chores of cleaning your floors, the robot vacuum is for you. Programme it to clean when you are out safely assured the job will be done when you get back due to the programmable infra red sensors and intelligent object guidance system. The robot vacuum cleaner will not run out of charge as it will attach itself to the wall unit to recharge and then continue the job. It has easy to use clear touch controls and your floors will be hygienically clean due to the bacteria killing UV lamp. The efficient brushing and beating system will brush up a surprising amount of dust from your carpets and will efficiently sweep your floors. The robot vacuum cleaner XR comes with an years manufacturers warranty.

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