Miele S5212 Review

Miele EcoLine S5212 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

The Miele Ecoline is not the lightest of cylinder models at 7.7 kg but it glides along behind you whilst the 2 metre long hose gives you that extra flexibility only a cylinder can, getting into all those hard to reach places, and you can even dust the ceiling. It comes with a 15 cm crevice tool, a dusting brush, turbo brush and carpet/hard floor tool which can be stored on board the cylinder. It also has a 10 metre long flex which means you can glide along the whole floor of your house without the need to keep changing plugs.

The Miele Ecoline is sweet smelling, having an active HEPA filter in the bag which filters particles as small as 3 microns from the atmosphere, a micron being a tenth of a millimetre. This means it removes dust mites, faeces from dust mites, dead skin cells and even pollen from the air as well as odours associated to dust which is of course great for asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers. The fine mesh on the vacuum bag means no dust escapes back into the air, making for a fresh clean environment. The vacuum bag has a 4.5 litre capacity meaning it doesn’t need emptying every 5 minutes.

The Miele Ecoline has very powerful suction and has a 1200 watt motor. It has 6 suction settings which you can operate by means of rotary dials on the cylinder. You can set the suction for dusting, upholstery, different piles of carpet and for hard floors as well. Whatever the settiing, the Miele Ecoline is perfect for the job. This vacuum also has a silent setting so that you can hoover later at night without disturbing anyone, perhaps you work unsociable hours or perhaps you have a sleeping baby or toddler.

The Miele Ecoline does the job satisfactorily and has the great option of different suction levels as well as the HEPA clean air filter. It is of good quality build, sturdy and strong. If you are looking for a tough little cylinder hoover this could be the right choice for your home.

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