iRobot Floor Mopping Robot Review

iRobot Braava 380 Floor Mopping Robot
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Review Summary:

This I Robot mops your floor as you sleep. The ultimate in labour saving devices, the I Robot is hush quiet and will logically map out the floor to be cleaned. It glides from corner to corner right to the edge of the skirting boards and down the sides of the furniture returning to the starting position when done. The i Robot will wet or dry mop all your hard floor surfaces, even the bathroom. Special microfibre washing cloths come with the i Robot which are attached magnetically, simply throw these in the wash when done. Alternatively throw away swifter cloths can be used. Wet and soap the cloth according to requirements and the I Robot does the rest. It has a water reservoir to ensure your floor is cleaned well. Or attach the sweeping cloth and watch as the iRobot does the job for you.

The irobot comes with a dry microfibre cloth, a wet microfibre washable cloth, a multi purpose pad, a reservoir stand, battery and UK adaptor. It will spend up to 3 hours sweeping your floor or two hours mopping from a single battery charge. Use it to clean your kitchen floor or to dust and polish your hard wood floor. Set it to work while you are out or in bed, what could be better than to find the floor has been mopped for you in the morning. Cut down on housework and take the back ache out of it.

The iRobot is designed for light cleaning so won’ t get rid of stubborn marks. It is designed for dusting not hoovering so is great for laminate floors. A wet cloth will maintain your kitchen floor and even cleans a little way under your cooker and fridge. It cleans under the sofa but can get stuck on chair legs so needs a nudge every now and again. For regular use the iRobot is perfectly adequate for keeping your laminate floor clean although it is not recommended to use the mop facility on this kind of surface , though a damp wipe can be programmed for use. It can be quite therapeutic to watch the i Robot in action and it is so 1uiet you can listen to the radio or watch TV while it is working.

A charging cradle can be ordered seoerately but the lead and battery work just as well.The cloth needs changing and the water reservoir emptying before charging. The Braavi iRobot cleans your room in lanes which it does with Navstar cube. This plots and negotiates the floor space. The Navstar cube takes 2d cell batteries. One criticism is that it doesn’t have a timer so you are not sure when the charge is completed or how long it will take to clean a room.

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