Dyson Small Ball Review

Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Last modified: September 21, 2016
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Review Summary:

If you want a compact upright vacuum that provides outstanding performance, then the Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor is a great choice. It cleans well on all surfaces and it comes with the basic tools that you will need for cleaning above the floor. The compact size can make it the perfect vacuum for small and medium size homes, and it is very easy to care for and store away.

With its compact size and convenient features, the Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor is a great machine for a number of cleaning jobs. This upright vacuum delivers remarkable cleaning power in a compact package, and it is made to be easy to use. It is a nice reliable machine that is also relatively efficient, being given a B grade for energy efficiency.

The Small Ball Multi Floor from Dyson has a 900W motor and it uses a two-tier multi-cyclonic design. With this setup, the vacuum not only has a good amount of suction power, but it also has reliable performance throughout the cleaning process. You don’t lose suction and it keeps going strong. It has good cleaning power on both hard floors and carpets, plus it has the self-adjusting floor head, meaning that it automatically adjusts the height when you move from one surface to the next.

For handling and carrying, this machine also does well. The Small Ball weighs about 5.5kg, so it is not that heavy for carrying around, and it has Dyson’s ball steering technology for a vacuum that is highly manoeuvrable. It gets around furniture with ease and you will have no problems pivoting around turns as you need to clean in the tight spaces.

This vacuum also comes ready to do the above the floor cleaning jobs. It has a nice quick release hose and wand that are great for cleaning hard to reach places, plus it has the combination tool for dusting and crevice cleaning and it has the upholstery/stair tool. The wand comes away easily, it fits all of the tools with no problems and it has onboard storage for the tools.

This Dyson vacuum also does well when it comes to care and maintenance. Being a Dyson, it is a bagless model. The bin comes away easily and it has the hygienic bin emptying system. The only issue that some people may have is that the collection bin is a little small. At about 0.8L, it is certainly enough to do a room or maybe more, but if you are vacuuming a large home, you might need to empty it before you finish. This is also a good model for people with allergy problems. It has HEPA filter, for removing most of the allergens that pass through the system.

This model does great on storage. It is already compact and fairly light, but with the onboard storage and retractable handle, it packs away nice and neat. You could fit this vacuum in the bottom of a cupboard with room to spare, and it is easy to get out when you need it.

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• Good cleaning power for hard floors and carpets
• Reliable multi-cyclonic suction
• Motorised brushroll
• Self-adjusting head
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Bagless
• Hygienic bin emptying
• HEPA filter
• Washable lifetime filter
• 9.5 metre cord
• Comes with stair tool and combination tool
• Rated B for energy efficiency
• 5-year warranty from the manufacturer


• Small dust bin
• The suction can make it tough to push on thick carpets

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