Dyson DC50 Review

Dyson DC50 Review
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  • Dyson DC50 Review
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  • Last modified: July 9, 2015
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Review Summary:

The Dyson DC50 does cost a little more than many other vacuums, but you really do get quality to match the price. It performs well across a range of different cleaning jobs and it is designed to take much of the effort out of vacuuming. If it is in your price range, the effectiveness and the reliable performance make it well worth the money.

The Dyson DC50 upright vacuum is a compact, lightweight model that offers performance that is on par with the full-sized machines. Consumers get incredible cleaning capabilities and features that are designed to make the job easier.

Starting off with the cleaning power, this machine performs well on both hard floors and carpets. The cyclones are arranged in a two-tier radial design to create effective suction that even lifts some of the smallest microscopic particles. It will work well for lifting the toughest dirt and debris from your floors and it even does a great job at removing pet hair.

One of the most convenient features for cleaning floors with this model is the fact that you do not have to make any manual adjustments as you transition from carpets to hard flooring. The head automatically adjusts the height to the flooring and this helps the machine to maintain the proper amount of suction as you clean different areas of the house.

The DC50 is also one of the better machines that you will find when it comes to handling. This is the most lightweight and compact upright model that is currently available from Dyson and it comes with the manufacturer’s unique ball steering system. It turns and angles around furniture with ease and the machine can be moved around the house with little effort.

The versatility of this upright vacuum goes beyond just working on hard floors and carpeting. The consumer gets a range of tools and attachments that fit easily to the quick release hose. With this machine, you get the combination tool for dusting and crevice cleaning and you also get a convenient stair tool. However, the attachment that probably stands out the most is the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool. It gets into small spaces and it lifts dirt, debris and hair with no worries of the tool getting clogged or tangled-up.

This Dyson machine is fairly easy to care for and maintain. The user gets bagless dirt collection and the dust canister is easy to remove and easy to empty. It also comes with the Dyson hygienic emptying system. Additionally, the DC50 comes with a washable filter that is good for the life of the machine. It is easy to remove, wash and replace, saving the consumer time and money since they do not have to find and pay for new filters.

On the durability and reliability end, this machine is well made, just as you would expect from Dyson. It delivers reliable performance every time and you won’t hear too many people complaining about this machine breaking down. The manufacturer also backs the DC50 up with a 5-year limited warranty, so you know that you are at least protected for that long.

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Top-quality cleaning capabilities
Works on hard floors and carpets
The head self-adjusts to the floor type
Comes with an array of effective attachments
Easy to steer
Lightweight and compact
Easy to maintain
Approved for allergy sufferers
Durable and reliable


This model is a little loud
The dustbin is a bit smaller than the ones you would find in other Dysons

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