Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Review

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

This is a great, versatile little helper on every surface up and down your home, car, caravan, etc. Very popular and highly rated, if it fits your budget it should make your life easier for years to come. Although lightweight, it might not be suitable for people with weak wrists or hands.

As with most cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor combination Stick/Handheld vacuum cleaner is designed for the quick in-between cleanups, when you don’t want to bother with the main vacuum cleaner. Its light weight, at 2.25 kg, and nimble size makes it easy to move around the house and makes it a doddle to take care of everything, from muddy stairs and floor spills to crumbs between the sofa/car seat cushions and even cobwebs on the ceiling. The long wand (66 cm) and slim profile will allow you to reach virtually everywhere and the strong cyclonic suction makes short shrift of the mess. For the big spills, you might have to make a journey to the rubbish bin to empty the bagless vacuum’s 0.35l bin, with a simple click of a button.

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The DC35MF comes with a handy wall mount that doubles as accessory storage and can be set up to automatically charge the vacuum between uses; though you can plug the charger directly into the cleaner as well. The wall mount is very popular with owners, as it makes it neat, convenient and easy to store and the DC35 lies nice and fairly flat against the wall. It does help that the vacuum looks quite cool too – funky wall art.

A full charge of the Lithium-Ion battery from empty takes about 3½ hours; that will give you 15 minutes of standard suction, 13 minutes if the motorised head is attached, or 5-6 minutes if you’re using Boost mode. The motorised brush tool forms a close seal with the floor surface, and the nylon and carbon fibre filaments ensure dust and dirt from both your carpets/rugs and hard floors are pulled free for the vacuum to suck up as you move along. For larger pieces of dirt, the combination tool – a wide debris nozzle with a soft brush that can be pulled down over it to clean delicate surfaces – attached to the wand, or directly to the machine works a treat. The combination of suction tools, and the fact that you can use all of them both with the handheld and the wand, makes this a very versatile cleaner. You’ll be able to clean the nooks and crannies you never knew needed it with the DC35.

With Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology and washable filter making sure the smallest particles stay inside the bin; this model, and indeed all Dyson models, is suitable for allergy sufferers. If you have pets, you might want to consider a vacuum made specifically to pick up pet fur, such as the Dyson DC35 Animal, for example.

So, are there any downsides to the DC35 Multi Floor? Well, some users don’t like that the power button must be depressed manually whilst vacuuming. This could be a problem if you have weak or arthritic hands/wrists. It can also be a bit annoying that you can’t leave it standing up against anything when using the wand, as the motor is on the top, the balance is all wrong, but I expect that is a question of what you’re used to and not a big problem in the long run.

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And finally, to summarise, the pros and cons of this model are…


Really versatile, with great accessories.
Strong suction and articulated motorised brush for extra clean carpets and hard floors.
Handy wall mount for easy storage and charging.
Easy to empty the bin.
Washable filter that really keeps the dust in.


Having to keep the power button depressed during vacuuming.
With the wand attached the cleaner is top heavy and can't stand up.
As usual with Dyson cleaners, you might need to take out a second mortgage to afford it...

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