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Dyson DC34 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

Handy and lightweight, with powerful suction, comparatively fast charging time, well designed features and good build quality; if you need a handheld and have the budget, the Dyson DC34 would be a very good choice.

The Dyson DC34 Multi Floor is one of the most powerful handheld vacuums on the market. It is also a lightweight at only 1.3 kg, making it very easy and convenient to operate, even for cleaning around the ceiling. Its sturdy build quality means it can take a knock or two and still keep going. As with Dyson’s uprights, the DC34 features a powerful digital motor and Root Cyclone technology. It will whisk microscopic dust out of the air and into the bagless bin where the washable carbon filter will keep it trapped, without losing suction. This is bad news for dust mites, their faeces and even pollen, but very good news for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

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The DC34 comes with a very handy 2-in-1 wide debris tool, perfect for cleaning the stairs, with a brush that can be pulled down over it for dusting and cleaning keyboards and other sensitive surfaces. This is a popular feature with users, as it saves frequent accessory changes. Dyson also include a crevice tool, brilliant for reaching into awkward spaces, to get rid of debris down the backs of car seats and remove all traces of the midnight snack crumbs between sofa cushions.

Charging time for the DC34 is 3½ hours, around 3 times faster than most handhelds. This gives you 15 minutes of strong cyclonic suction on the default setting, but for an extra boost, say, for animal hairs on rugs, you can use the max setting; fully charged it will run for 6 minutes on continuous max suction. The DC34 keeps full suction until it runs out of charge and then it just stops, so it won’t deteriorate in performance as you’re going along. Obviously, it’s not meant to replace your main vacuum cleaner, and most owners seem find that the charge allows enough time to take care of the jobs it was made for.

Emptying the DC34 is easy: just hold it over a bag and push a button to open the base of the bin and release all the dust and debris. Dyson claim that washing the filter once monthly should keep it going for the lifetime of the cleaner and owners don’t seem to dispute this claim, many comment on how easy it is to take care of and that it doesn’t tend to clog up.

The trigger needs to be held in during vacuuming and, though even young children can be fine with it, some buyers find this a strain, so perhaps not ideal for people with weak finger strength, e.g. those with arthritis.

With very strong suction,  fast charging time and good accessories, if it fits your budget, the Dyson DC34 Handheld Multi Floor cordless vacuum should be a great addition to the cleaning cupboard, especially if you have kids and/or animals to clean up after several times a day.

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Easy to manouevre
Strong suction


Trigger too hard for weak hands

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