Check out this new Dyson Robot Vacuum

As you may already know we’re big fans of robot vacuums and this new model from Dyson is no exception! The Dyson 360 Eye is a truly awesome product as you’ll see form the video. It can be controlled via an app on your phone (not actually sure how useful this would be but it’s incredibly cool). Like having your own little robot army at home awaiting your orders.

It claims to have the most powerful suction of any robot and we have no reason to doubt it. It uses 360 vision to create a map of your rooms and then gets to work  with it’s full width brush bar. A really nice feature of this model is it features tank tracks which enable it to climb small steps and navigate over obstacles – handy if you’ve left a few bits and bobs lying on the floor.

We’ve not had a chance yet to take a proper hands-on look at the 360 Eye but we’re very much looking forward to road testing it soon. Watch this space.

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