Bosch BGS5SILGB Review

Bosch BGS5SILGB Power Silence Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

The Bosch Power Silence has fan suction technology with fans that turn at 800km an hour which is like a jet enegine. This makes for very strong suction and is as powerful as a 2400 watt upright but using less energy so saving money. This vacuum has a 1200 watt engine. It also very quiet, running at just 66db, less noise than your fridge freezer which is always running in the background. It has settings for different carpet pile and hard floor as well as diferent suction speeds. The controls consist of dial son the body of the cylinder and firmly click into place.

The Bosch Power Silence has a long hose so that you can vacuum a flight of stairs with the machine still sitting at the bottom. It is bagless and there is an indicator light to tell you when the cannister needs emptying, simply lift up the flap and unclip the cannister. It has a double HEPA 13 filter system great for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

The suction grip on this vacuum is so good it literally lifts the carpet off the floor and can be tough to move about, it is handy for pet hairs for this reason. The Bosch Power Silence gives your carpets a thorough and deep cleen and is a practicle alternative to a heavier bulkier upright vacuum in its efficiency. It is not too expensive either. Some customers found that it was a bit bulkier than their previous cylinder vacuums but as it travels on four independant wheels it is stable and light to move.

The vacuum comes with a turbo brush, crevice tool, curtain cleaning tool and dusting brush. It is of very good build quality and built to last, a quality item. For a quality inexpensive cylinder vacuuum which operates silently and has powerful suction ,this could be the vacuum for you.

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