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Our ‘Best Buy’ Vacuum Cleaners for 2016

When you purchase a new vacuum cleaner you want to be sure that it’s going to be fit for purpose, won’t break down in a matter of weeks and (ideally) won’t break the bank. Below is a list of the products that we consider to be ‘Best Buys’ for 2016 broken down by category.

Obviously there are various different criteria for judging what constitutes a top rated product and we take into account as many as we can. We try to balance our personal experiences, buyer feedback, cost, longevity, build quality etc to produce a list that is representative.

If you want to go ahead and purchase any of the machines listed you’ll find a comparison pricing chart under each review which will tell you which of the online retailers is offering the cheapest price.

We hope you find our suggestions helpful.


Best Buy Upright Vacuums
Picture of a Miele upright vacuum cleaner

Uprights are workhorse of the vacuum cleaner family and are the most popular choice for UK households. These are the ones that we think should be on any shortlist.

Picture of the iconic Henry hooverBest Buy Cylinder Vacuums

Cylinders are highly versatile and great if you have a mix of hard floors and carpet.

Picture of a Dyson handheld vacuum cleanerBest Buy Handheld Vacuums

A handheld is perfect if you often find yourself needing a quick clean up or if you maybe want to also keep your car spic and span.

Picture of a Hoover stick vacuumStick Vacuum Buying Guide

The new kid on the block but proving very popular. Not ideal if you have a very heavy workload planned for your Hoover but great for a quick clean.

Picture of an irobot robot vacuum cleanerRobot Vacuum Buying Guide

Who wouldn’t want one of these? If they made the floor dirtier I’d still want one.


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