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  • AEG AUC9220
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  • Last modified: July 16, 2016
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Review Summary:

With the AEG AUC9220, you have an outstanding cylinder vacuum. It provides some of the best cleaning performance on the current market and it comes with a range of tools to make it effective and versatile. The price might be a little more than some buyers are willing to pay, but it does provide performance and reliability that make this model a good investment.

The AEG UltraCaptic Animal AUC9220 is a cylinder vacuum that offers a great combination of performance and efficiency. It provides good performance on just about any cleaning job and it is one of the most efficient cylinder models that you will find.

The cleaning power of this machine is truly impressive. It has strong cyclonic suction for reliable cleaning power throughout its use and the cleaning results are good for both hard floors and carpets. Additionally, it has multiple heads for more cleaning jobs and you can adjust the power to meet the needs of the cleaning task.

Using the AUC9220 from AEG is pretty easy. The controls are easy to understand and the wand is well designed and easy to handle. It also comes on wheels to make it easier to follow the user as they clean and it comes with a long cord for a wide working radius. The only real issue that some may have is that this model is a little heavy. It does have a handle, but some users may have a hard time if they need to carry it.

For versatility, there are few models that are going to compare with this one. It comes with the AeroPro silent nozzle for the carpets, the parketto nozzle for hard floors and it also comes with the standard tools for things like crevice cleaning, dusting and upholstery cleaning. All of these pieces work well and they are all easy to fit onto the vacuum.

In regard to convenience, the AUC9220 does well. It is a bagless model, so the user does not have to worry about changing the bags and it has a retractable cord and a parking feature. One issue that some users may have is that it has a dust capacity that is less than 2L. This should be enough for most cleaning jobs, but it is low for a model of this size. However, the manufacturer compensates for this by adding a compacting feature to the collection bin. The user can gain more space by compacting the dust and it also makes emptying the canister neater.

Another feature that helps to make this a good vacuum for home use is that it has an allergy protection filter. The filter will trap much of the dust and other allergens that pass through the system and it has a top dust emissions rating of A. If you are a pet owner and a person that has allergy problems, this is one of the better vacuums to own.

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Powerful suction
Cleans well on hard floors and carpets
Multi-cyclone suction
Comes with turbo tool
Bagless dirt collection
Separate heads for carpet and hard floor for better cleaning
Easy to handle
7m cord
Compact the dust to make more room and for cleaner emptying
A rating for dust emissions
A energy rating


Some users might find it to be a little heavy
Less than 2L dust capacity

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