AEG AG71A RapidClean Review

AEG AG71A RapidClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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Review Summary:

The AEG AG71A handheld vacuum is a little powerhouse with some useful features, such as a turbo brush and on-board hose and crevice tool, that are normally not seen at this price point.

The AEG AG71A RapidClean is a powerful 700W handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with a 6 metre long cord that should allow it to reach the top of most staircases. If your car is not within reach of the nearest power point, then an extension cord or a car power inverter will easily do the trick. The advantage of a corded handheld is, of course, that it’s always ready when you want it and will keep on going for as long as you need it. At 2.6 kg, the AG71A is not a lightweight amongst handhelds, but the build quality is sturdy and well designed. For the price, it is very good indeed.

The Risor Visor nozzle has a bare floor brush for hard floors that can be swivelled upwards to expose the motorised soft turbo brush. The turbo or is used on carpets, rugs and upholstery, to agitate and loosen ground in dirt, hair and fur; you can also use suction only, e.g. on lightly soiled, sensitive or uneven surfaces.

Included accessories are: a little stretch hose curled around the top and a crevice tool that neatly slots into the back of the cleaner; useful for awkward corners and for getting into those narrow areas that act like dirt magnets. The hose could be a bit longer, but it’s fine if you can either hold the cleaner in your other hand or put it down nearby whilst cleaning.

The cyclonic suction picks up dust and dirt effectively. The bagless bin holds 0.6 litres of dust, which should be plenty for the smaller jobs, and it’s easily emptied by unclipping, removing the cup filter and pouring the dust away. Filtration is done via a dust cup screen with a microfibre dust cup filter inside it. The screen is washable and the filter can be brushed or even vacuumed off at low setting with your main vacuum, but not washed. Some users find the strong exhaust fan at the back of the AG71A blows things around a little on hard floors, but they still tend to rate it highly overall. It is not suitable for fine dust, such as flour, and plaster powder and will let a small amount of the very smallest particles through the filter, which could be a problem if you suffer from e.g. dust allergy or asthma.

Overall, the AEG AG71A handheld vacuum is a powerful, well designed, practical handheld vacuum cleaner for most of the little jobs you can throw at it, and at a very good price too.


Long cord
Useful features
Great price


Hose length
Exhaust position

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